Greetings Philippines. Greetings Mister President. We are Anonymous.

For more than 2 years now, the Filipino people have put their trust in you. You made the people believe that in taking up the name of your parents and their legacy, you will lead our Nation back to greatness. The time has come for us Filipinos, deprived of truth, to take back that trust we have given you even before the elections. Why? You have done little to alleviate the sufferings of your people. 

Just what have you done? During your first year of Presidency, you immediately ordered the outlawing of vehicular sirens in order to promote equality and respect on the road. But please do remember that the progress of the nation does not rely on road discipline alone. Blame games mark your first term of office. Though we must commend your constant use of the Filipino Language in your speeches, we find no interest in your zealous quest in revealing the wrongs of the previous administration. Leave that to your Truth Commission and focus on what’s really essential. For us, what matters most is the present condition of the country. Many issues are still left unsolved.

As you can see, many people are still hungry, jobless. Children are deprived of their basic needs like education. How do you expect our nation to be restored to glory if these children do not even know the alphabet? How do you expect them to aid in our national growth when they are constantly bothered by a growling stomach? Your act of eating hotdogs on America doesn’t impress us, Mister President. For there are people that just eat rice with salt with no viand whatsoever. Sometimes, no food at all. Healthcare services are also scarce in some parts of the country. In those places, people die without getting the proper medical attention they deserve. Just where do the taxes we pay go? Mister President, we demand a stronger economy that can sustain the Filipino people. And by that, we mean the whole populace, not just a rich powerful few.

Corruption is yet another issue. We’ve had enough of power- hungry politicians who would gladly kill in the name of ambition. Congressmen who are bent in making themselves richer while the people they represent wait in vain for proper facilities and infrastructures. You’ve made a promise to the Filipino people that you will not steal. While that might sound like a fairly good statement, it isn’t enough. 
There are traditional politicians and political dynasties that prevent newer visionaries and fresh minded youth to make their voices heard, thereby preventing change.

Our politics is in a state of stagnation. We cannot move our nation to progress as long as we have politicians like Senator Enrile, Senator Drilon, and other old politicians who have limited views and insist on the traditional way, thereby limiting the efficiency of the current government. Their endless debates mean nothing to us because as long as we live in a so-so state, we would never see their worth nor acknowledge their vague achievements.

As for you Mister President, you have 4 more years to prove your worth. That you have the right substance to lead this nation in an unbiased way. Rule this country with dignity and don’t ever let yourself be swayed by anyone. Do not let the sufferings of your people reach a point where we’ll decide to oust you from your office, just as we did with Estrada. For we believe that people shouldn’t be afraid of the government. Rather, the government must be afraid of its people. Heed our warning.

We Are Anonymous.
We Are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect Us.

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Set in the 1960’s, Joe Yabuki (Tomohisa Yamashita) lives in a run-down low income ara. There, alcholic ex-boxer Danpei Tange (Teruyuki Kagawa) notices Joe Yabuki’s talents as a boxer. But then, Joe gets into trouble and is sentenced into the youth detention center. In the youth detention center, Joe gets into a brawl and then is knocked out by Toru Rikiishi (Yusuke Iseya) who is a champion caliber professional boxer.

While incarcerated, Joe gets special training from Danpei Tange through letters. Upon Joe’s release, he quickly becomes an elite boxer and famous for a devastating cross counter. Meanwhile, Toru Rikiishi is also released from prison and quickly resumes his boxing career. Toru finally gets his shot at the world championship belt, but before that, Toru wants a match with Joe Yabuki. The two men enter the ring …

Awesome story, it’s very anime in alot of perspective that’s why I remembered my childhood, growing up watching Anime like Ghost Fighter, and the likes. Happy watching!



Yaguchi spent several years studying the airline industry before making the film and developed a healthy respect for the professionalism of the workers involved. The result is a film that is much an ode to them as it is a comedy.

The film revolves around the airline workers involved in flight No. 1980 from Japan to Honolulu. Seiichi Tanabe stars as the co-pilot, Kazuhiro Suzuki, who will be promoted to captain when they return if all goes according to plan. Haruka Ayase plays Etsuko Saito, a new cabin attendant struggling to learn the ropes on her first international flight.

When the plane hits a bird soon after takeoff, they’re forced to turn around and attempt a landing in typhoon conditions. Through all the technical troubles they face, the various people responsible for keeping commercial airline flight safe work together and experience growth through their ordeal.

4th movie I’ve watched in my Eiga Sai saga. This film made me realized how tough these jobs are, ensuring safety for all passengers. For instance, the cabin crew or flight attendant job, may look like a dream job or a glamorous job for others but it’s really not. I now have higher level of respect for them and for everyone who works for this industry, I salute them!

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Third film I’ve seen in Eiga Sai. This film is about a 49-yr old man, successful in his job at an Electronics company in Tokyo but he soon realized that it’s not the job he’s been dreaming of. He soon retired and tried to pursue his childhood dream, to be a train driver.

Favorite quote goes like this

To see your son do what he loves to do, is the proudest moment for me”


2nd Eiga Sai film that I watched today at Shang Cineplex. This movie made me cry bucket of tears.This movie is all about mountain rescue volunteers on how they do carry out their mission of their risky job and the stories behind their heroic deeds. It’s a combination of suspense, drama, comedy all in one! But mostly, it’s inspirational.

I fell inlove with Sanpo’s character (the main actor). First look, he seems to be just having fun all the time in the mountains, he’s always calm and smiling, but behind that facade is a brave, soft-hearted man.

Best line for me is: "What should you not abandon in the mountains?" Answer: "Trash and…..LIFE

Last screening will be on July 13(Friday) at 7PM

Japanese contemporary movies now showing at Shang-Rila Plaza Cineplex

I feel so lucky today as I came across an article online that the Japan Foundation in cooperation with the Film Development Council of the Philippines will be having The Japanese Film Festival and will be showing Japanese contemporary films starting today July 6 until July 15 at Shang Cineplex. I was so excited when I read that: Admission is Free!

So I wasted no time, and decided to watch Permanent Nobara for the 4:30 PM screening.

The film has a simple plot yet there are interesting characters that liven up the whole film. It has some unexpected funny scenes. There is also a scene in the movie where there are Filipinos who are prostitutes. It’s not a funny thing at all, it’s actually kindov sad, that some of us are misrepresented that way, but that’s the sad reality, well anyway, there was this one scene when “Ponta” the cat of main actress’ friend died, where the scene should really be funny but it almost made me cry, of course, as a pet lover myself, I just can’t help myself as I imagine Ponta as my dog.

Overall, it was a good movie, uncomplicated story but the rawness is not a “blah”. There’s actually a twist in the story,although, I already saw it coming, it still came as a surprise.

Can’t wait for the other movies, anyway, here’s the screening schedule:

Schedule of Japanese Filmfest 2012 Schedule
July 6 (Friday)
2:00 pm: Railways
4:30 pm: Permanent Nobara
7:00 pm: Peak: The Rescuers
July 7 (Saturday)
2:00 pm: Ninja Kids
4:30 pm; Tomorrow’s Joe
7:00 pm: Happy Flight
July 8 (Sunday)
2:00 pm: Colorful
4:30 pm: In His Chart
7:00 pm: Abacus and Sword
July 9 (Monday)
2:00 pm: Peak: The Rescuers
4:30 pm: Railways
7:00 pm: Villain
July 10 (Tuesday)
2:00 pm: Happy Flight
4:30 pm: Tomorrow’s Joe
7:00 pm: Colorful
July 11 (Wednesday)
2:00 pm: Ninja Kids
4:30 pm: Permanent Nobara
7:00 pm: In His Chart
July 12 (Thursday)
2:00 pm: Abacus and Sword
4:30 pm: Railways
7:00 pm: Villain
July 13 (Friday)
2:00 pm: Tomorrow’s Joe
4:30 pm: Happy Flight
7:00 pm: Peak: The Rescuers
July 14 (Saturday)
2:00 pm:  Permanent Nobara
4:30 pm: Ninja Kids
7:00 pm: In His Chart
July 15 (Sunday)
2:00 pm: Abacus and Sword
4:30 pm: Colorful

7:00 pm: Villain

This time I’m going to make an effort to blog everyday, I really miss how blogging really is to me. I guess procrastination is my worst trait and I have to fight that. It’s been awhile since I actually sit, think, and type whatever topic I wanted to discuss. So I call this post as my “resurrected post”.

So for my “resurrected post” I still don’t have a specific topic in mind but I guess this is just a bit of an introduction. For the coming days, I will be blogging about some random things but is somehow relevant.

And well anyway, I’m blogging not for other people but ultimately for myself, for me to express my ideas, thoughts and feelings that sometimes I felt unheard and just needed to be expressed. Cheers to more posts! :))


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